Setting Goals

1. Write your end goal down.
2. Research what it takes to achieve that goal.
3. Write a detailed step by step plan on how you want to achieve that goal.
4. Schedule those milestones. Put them on a calendar.

As we begin 2023, and think about goals for ourselves, I wanted to offer some tips.

As I sit here and scroll LinkedIn, I feel like some of us are on information overload. There are so many resources on how to learn and gain new skills. Take your time to figure out the most efficient methods of achieving your goal and don’t get side tracked. Prioritize your goals and focus on the ones that are most important.

I myself am guilty of this. I started off 2022 getting my CISSP and moved on to CISM. Then I stopped CISM to chase CCSP. I’m not being very efficient with my studies, but 2023 is the year I can fix this. I hope we all make leaps and bounds in our lives in 2023. I’m here to cheer you on and celebrate your victories.

A good book on the topic of setting goals and building habits is Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. I read it and highly recommend it.

Whatever your goals are for 2023, I wish you the best of luck achieving them. If you would like some help from me, feel free to reach out. It’s my goal in 2023 to help others.

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